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School Meals Menu 2016-2017

The current menu is available in Primary and Special schools from September 2016 to July 2017.

There are four menus that rotate on a weekly basis.

Week one starts at the beginning of each new term and after each school holiday, followed by week two, week three, week four and then returning to week one.

The dates for each week and menus are also shown below, or you can download the school meals menu

Primary school meal prices

A top quality, fresh and nutritious 2 course meal and drink costs £2.10 per day. Dinner money is collected weekly in schools on a Monday. Parents /Carers can also pay by cheque, made payable to South Tyneside Council.

We cannot guarantee that all foods served are free from nuts/ nut oils. Please contact the school office if your child has any allergies or special dietary requriements. We do not knowingly purchase genetically modified foods.

The menu is subject to availability. 



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