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Welfare and Discipline

We aim to create a welcoming, caring environment where relationships are based on respect and to develop a positive self-esteem in each child. 

The staff at Stanhope Primary School are committed to maintaining high expectations of good behaviour as an essential contribution to the educational experience of the children and to their happiness
and well being while in school.

If there is a problem, parents are encouraged to come along to school to discuss it with the Home-School Liaison Officer, Class Teacher, Deputy Head or Head Teacher. Problems needing extended discussion may require a special appointment to be made so that Staff will be available to help. We expect sensible, responsible and considerate behaviour from every pupil.

The few rules we have are based on this expectation

  • Behaving in a quiet, orderly manner, both in and around the building, so that no one is disturbed or distressed.
  • Having a caring attitude towards fellow pupils, teachers, other adults, the building and its contents.
  • Only playing agreed games in the playground, games that will not cause discomfort or damage.

Traffic light Behaviour Scheme

A Traffic light chart is displayed in class, on which all of the pupils in the class are listed. Pupils start the day on green to recognise good behaviour, should there be an incident of misbehaviour their name is moved to amber. Persistent misbehaviour is signified by red. This will involve a member of the senior leadership team. All names are returned to green to start the next day.

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