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Stanhope Primary School has a clothing policy accepted and agreed to by the Governors of the school. The school is very keen that the pupils should associate different clothing for different occasions eg. tracksuits - sporting activities, leisure wear (jeans, multi-coloured clothing) for out of school activities, fashion wear - parties or special activities. 

Below is a list of reasons why Stanhope Primary School encourages the wearing of recommended school clothing:

  • to lessen the pressure on parents to allow their children to attend school wearing expensive, but unsuitable fashion wear.

  • to avoid competition amongst the children particularly over “designer clothing” including tracksuits.

  • to avoid children coming to school wearing uncomfortable clothing eg. tight skirts or jeans, or dangerous footwear (fashion shoes with high heels)

  • to enhance the standing of the school within the community.

Our school uniform is as follows:


Navy or black smart trousers (NO jogging pants)

White shirt or polo shirt

Navy jumper

Black shoes

Black trainers (trainers including soles must be plain, NO Neon or flashes of colour)


Navy or black skirts or pinafores

Navy or black smart school trousers (NO leggings)

Navy jumper or cardigan

White shirt, polo shirt or blouse

Black shoes

PE Kit (including After School Clubs)  Foundation Stage 2   - Reception

Plain black or navy shorts

White t-shirt

Black pull on gym shoes

PE Kit (Including After School Clubs) Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

Plain black or navy shorts

White t-shirt or House colour t-shirt (NO football strips)

Black pull on gym shoes

Black Trainers

NO logos on sports kit.

Year 3 and 4 Swimming Kit

Swimming hat (these can be puchased at the main office for £2.00)

Girls one piece swimming costume 

Boys swimming trunks (no shorts)

Please note:

  • All garments including coats and shoes should be carefully marked with the owner’s name.
  • Each pupil should have a clearly named bag in which to keep or carry PE equipment.
  • Each pupil should have a clearly named School Book Bag (these can be puchased at the main office) to carry reading books and homework materials. 
  • Jewellery must be kept to a minimum in the interest of safety. Only earrings of the stud type may be worn. No other forms of jewellery are allowed, however watches do not count as jewellery and we would actively encourage pupils to wear them.
  • Watches and earrings, if worn, must be removed prior to PE, Games or Swimming. If earrings cannot be removed they must be covered by a first aid plaster supplied by the parent/carer.
  • Hair dye is not permitted in school or shaven designs on hair.

Both the staff and Mrs. Martin will be very vigilant with these requests and pupils will be reminded on a regular basis to follow the school policy. Those pupils, who persistently do not adhere to school policy, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child and be returned to school with the correct uniform. 

Through all our hard work, Stanhope Primary School is judged to be one of the top schools in our local authority, therefore we would like to take the opportunity to continue to raise our profile in all areas of school life. Your continued support is very much valued and appreciated in this matter.

As you are aware Little Gems in South Shields has closed down but they are now offering an online service to purchase Stanhope Primary School Uniforms. Please follow the attached link for the website:

Please note that there is a January Sale on all Stanhope Primary Uniform items.

We are now offering Tesco Online to provide parents with Stanhope Primary School uniform.

If you wish to puchase any school uniform for your child(ren) this can now be done on




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