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Stanhope Primary School has a clothing policy accepted and agreed to by the Governors of the school. The school is very keen that the pupils should associate different clothing for different occasions eg. tracksuits - sporting activities, leisure wear (jeans, multi-coloured clothing) for out of school activities, fashion wear - parties or special activities. 

Below is a list of reasons why Stanhope Primary School encourages the wearing of recommended school clothing:

  • to lessen the pressure on parents to allow their children to attend school wearing expensive, but unsuitable fashion wear.
  • to avoid competition amongst the children particularly over “designer clothing” including tracksuits.
  • to avoid children coming to school wearing uncomfortable clothing eg. tight skirts or jeans, or dangerous footwear (fashion shoes with high heels)
  • to enhance the standing of the school within the community.

Please note:

  • All garments including coats and shoes should be carefully marked with the owner’s name.
  • Each pupil should have a clearly named bag in which to keep or carry PE equipment.
  • Each pupil should have a clearly named School Book Bag to carry reading books and homework materials.
  • Jewellery must be kept to a minimum in the interest of safety. Only ear-rings of the stud type may be worn. No other forms of jewellery are allowed, however watches do not count as jewellery and we would actively encourage pupils to wear them.
  • Watches and ear-rings, if worn, must be removed prior to PE, Games or Swimming. If ear-rings cannot be removed they must be covered by a first aid plaster supplied by the parent/carer.

We would ask for your support and co-operation in helping us to make Stanhope Primary School a smart, safe school. 

School uniform can be purchased at “Little Gems”, Ocean Road, South Shields. 

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