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Stanhope Sportshall Athletics Team

South Tyneside Athletics Finals 2016

On Friday 21st October 19 pupils from KS2 competed at Temple Park Leisure Centre in the South Tyneside Sportshall Athletics Finals.

Each child completed in sprints, hurdles,  jumping, agility and throwing events earning points for each of their performances. This combines for a team total.

All of our children, wearing our beautiful new kits, in our  school colours (green and gold) performed fantastically. 

We finished 3rd overall (only 8 points behind the runners-up. Which considering up until a month ago none of the children had ever tried, never mind competed in such events is a tremendous feat.


Outstanding 1st place results include:

1 Lap race: Bruno Neto and Kieron Jerry

Vertical Jump: Bakhtawar Hayer and Ashton Defty

Hi Stepper: Charlie Bates and Kai Muir

Speed Bounce Kai Muir and Aston Hall

Javelin: Ikpreet Kaur and Kara Carter

Target Throw: Carlie Pedley and Ikpreet Kaur

Balance Test: Maddison Fontaine and Abbie Saunders


Top performer was Kai Muir whose tremendous focus, willingness to succeed and take advice as to how to improve has seen his talent soar.

I am so proud of all of you. Well done! Hard work pays off...

Mr Rogers


Girls Field Results:

Event Name Results Team Position
Standing Long Jump Erika Judd 1.56m 3rd
Standing Long Jump Francesca McFadyen 1.64m 3.20m
Soft Javelin Ikpreet Kaur 8.25m 1st
Soft Javelin Kara Carter 10.00m 18.25m
Vertical Jump Amie Cutter 29cm 5th
Vertical Jump Evie Harle 26cm 55cm
Target Throw Carlie Pedley 8 points 1st
Target Throw Ikpreet Kaur 10 points 18 points
Standing Triple Jump Kara Wilde 4.50m 1st
Standing Triple Jump Erika Judd 4.25m 8.75m
Balance Beam Maddison Fontaine 30 seconds 1st
Balance Beam

Abbie Saunders

30 seconds 60 seconds
Chest Push Kara Carter 5.50m 2nd
Chest Push Maddison Fontaine 5.50m 11.00m
Hi Stepper Abbie Saunders ? seconds 3rd
Hi Stepper Kara Wilde ? seconds ?
Speed Bounce Francesca McFadyen 49 repetitions 2nd
Speed Bounce Amie Cutter 43 repetitions 92 reps


Girls Track Results:

Event Name Name Name


Time Position
Obstacle Relay Francesca McFadyen Abbie Saunders Amie Cutter MaddisonFontaine 1:36.6 3rd
1+1 Lap Relay Erika Judd Kara Wilde - 32.1 6th
Hurdles Relay Kara Wilde Francesca McFadyen  Evie Harle Maddison Fontaine 1:07.0 3rd
2 Lap Relay Abbie Saunders Erika Judd - - 1:05.4 6th


Boys Field Results:

Event Name Results Team Position
Standing Long Jump Lucas Dunn 1.58m 4th
Standing Long Jump Haiden Jones 1.68m 3.26m
Soft Javelin Aston Hall 13.00m 3rd
Soft Javelin Bakhtawar Hayer 11.00m 24.00m 
Vertical Jump Bakhtawar Hayer 33cm 1st
Vertical Jump Ashton Defty 32cm 65cm
Target Throw Kieron Jerry 6 points 5th
Target Throw Ashton Defty 6 points 12 points
Standing Triple Jump Bruno Neto 5.31m 3rd
Standing Triple Jump Lucas Dunn 5.00m 10.31m
Balance Beam Haiden Jones 22 seconds 2nd
Balance Beam Bruno Neto 21 seconds 43 seconds
Chest Push Kieron Jerry 5.25m 6th
Chest Push Charlie Bates 5.00m 10.25m
Hi-Stepper Charlie Bates 15.00 seconds 1st
Hi Stepper Kai Muir 14.50 seconds 29.50 seconds
Speed Bounce Kai Muir 55 repetitions 1st
Speed Bounce Aston Hall 41 repetitions 96 repetitions


Boys Track Event:

Event Name Name Name Name Time Position
Obstacle Relay Lucas Dunn Bruno Neto Aston Hall Kai Muir 1:29.7 2nd
1+1 Lap Relay Bruno Neto Kieron Jerry - - 28.5 1st
Hurdles Relay Kieron Jerry Bakhtawar Hayer Kai Muir Lucas Dunn 58.6 3rd
2 Lap Relay Haiden Jones Ashton Defty - - 1:01.7 3rd


Year 5 and Year 6 South Tyneside Schools Finals.

Sportshall Results 2016:

  Overall Team Girls Position Boys Position Total Score
1st St. Aloysius 172 1st 146 1st 318
2nd St Bede's South Shields 132 2nd 142 2nd 274
3rd Stanhope 130 3rd 138 3rd 268
4th Jarrow Cross 88 5th 88 4th 176
5th West Boldon 96 4th 74 6th 170
6th St Mary's 68 6th 82 5th 150
7th Laygate 46 7th 62 7th 108

Year 3/4 and 5/6 South Tyneside Finals

  School Points Year 3/4

YR 3/4 Team Results
1st St Aloysius A 1400 points
2nd Stanhope 1304 points
3rd St Bede's S/S A 1289 points
4th Lord Blyton 1228 points
5th St Bede's S/S B 1202 points


Yr 3/4 Girls Individual Top 3
1 Olivia Merrifeld St Aloysius A  174 
2 Brooke Urwin Stanhope   173
3 Rosie Ma St Bede's S/S A  171


YR 5/6 Team Results

  Year 5/6 school points  
1st St Aloysius A 1595 points
2nd St Bede's S/S A 1594 points

St Matthew's A

1510 points
4th West Boldon A 1499 points
5th St Bede's S/S B 1380 points


8th Stanhope  1234

Congratulations to our Athletics Teams, in particular our Y3/4 Team who finished 2nd.  They will now represent South Tyneside at the Tyne & Wear Level 3 School Games Finals that are taking place on Thursday 6th July (10:00am-3:00pm) at Silksworth Sports Complex.
Brooke Urwin was the highest individually place Stanhope athlete, finishing 2nd (only 1 point behind the winner!). Charlie Bates finished in 7th place, to be the highest placed boy.
Our Y5/6 team performed well to finish in 8th place overall.
Good luck to the 10 children in the County Finals!


Tyne and Wear County Athletics Finals

Two teams from Stanhope qualified for the County Summer School Games Finals at Silksworth Sports Complex. We had a team in the Y3/4 Tennis and the Y3/4 Athletics competitions. It was a joy to see all of our pupils working so hard, enjoying the competition and being wonderful sports. 


At the beginning of the day, the children listened to an inspirational speech by Team GB Olympian Peter Bakare. He spoke about his great journey to becoming an Olympian, after overcoming serious injury problems. Peter encouraged the children to 'aim high and reach higher'.


In the Y3/4 Athletics, The team finished a magnificent 6th. A great result for their first year taking part in any competitive sports. A superb platform to build upon going into 2017-18 season. 


Well done to all eighteen of our athletes and tennis players; who were all a credit to our school displaying the Olympic values. It was a brilliant end to the sporting year! Mr Rogers



Please find photos from the competition in the photo gallery, which can be accessed via the homepage.

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